Money Dreams

We may not all like it, and for some people it has a greater or lesser importance, but money is a central theme in most of our lives and affects people on a personal and global scale.

In modern society it is money, or what we need to pay for with money, that drives our daily lives as we get up in the morning (or night for some) and go to work. We need money for nearly everything; food, clothes, bills – all before we can even think of earning extra money for luxuries. Money also drives business and the global economy to such a degree that many believe the world couldn’t function without it.

However, there is a flip-side to this… we often dream and wish for things that all the money in the world could not by, i.e. meaningful relationships, love, friendship and simple quality time spent with people we care about are all things you can’t put a price on. Also, money is of little use to us regarding our spiritual growth, and how we deal with grief and death. Money can be both everything to us and nothing, worthless.

Our subconscious dreaming mind will often see all of the above a lot more clearly than our rational waking mind with its day to day worries and anxieties. Of course, if you are very poor and living from day to day with genuine money problems, you may well have a lot of stress in your life and stress-related anxieties in your dreams – they may even manifest themselves as direct images of money-related matters in your dreams in some cases, but more often than not you will have stress-induced nightmares or bad dreams about losing control.

Usually when we dream literally about money it is connected with ones self-worth. So if you’re short of money in your dreams it may signify negative feelings about your self-worth, though it can also be a symptom of being ill or worried about getting sick and even death. This is not to say if you dream about running out of money that you’re going to die, just that it’s something you might be worried about or thinking about.

It was thought that if you dream of finding money or suddenly gaining large amounts of loot that it is a sign of good luck coming your way, though more modern dream interpretation would suggest it reflects your own wishes of gaining sudden wealth and may actually represent the complete opposite, that you’re subconsciously worried about losing your money. Perhaps you are spending too much money in the wrong places or on the wrong things?

To some money is connected with prowess and power, so seeking money and riches in your dreams can signify a need for power and control, or underlying feelings of lust or a need for love.

If you dream that you are giving your money away it can mean that you need to be more caring and sharing with your friends, family and/or other people. If you are giving money to someone in particular it means you need to pay them more attention as your subconscious has detected that you’re neglecting them. However, if you dream of your friends giving away money to people other than yourself it could mean that you are feeling unappreciated and neglected.

If you receive money from a stranger in your dreams, someone you’ve never met, it can mean that you need to go to someone other than your family or fiends to get help with boosting your self worth and self-esteem, someone that will broaden your spiritual horizons and help you look at life and yourself in a new light.

If you dream that someone dies and leaves you some money it could be that you wish to inherit some of their qualities, some aspects of their personality that you admire, either consciously or subconsciously.

Whatever your dream about money signifies, remember that it is a very powerful symbol because it is very powerful one in waking life that can be used for good and evil. The money itself has no moral code or conscience, its cause and effect resulting from what people do with it.

Quartz Dreams

Quartz DreamsIn waking life quartz crystals are often connected with spirituality and favored by spiritual people.

They are quite beautiful and every one of them is unique, just like people, with many different shapes, sizes and colors. They all reflect light in their own special way, much the same as our soul refects the light of life in its own unique way. They can make us feel calm and more able to get in touch with our inner selves and emotions.

Because of these connections and their profound, intricate beauty, they often respresent a similar sentiment in dreams. Quartz in dreams can represent a desire to be more spiritual, or a need to find something that will help light the way to your spirituality.

Dreaming of quartz can also signify an increase in your spiritual awareness and power.

These types of dreams are quite rare, so if you have one it should be thought of as a good thing – something to treasure and take note of.

Have you ever had a dream with quartz or crystals in them, if so you may be a very spiritual person – even if you didn’t realize it before?

Packing Dreams

packing-dreamsIn waking life we pack our things when we’re heading off on a journey or moving house.

In dreams and in our subconscious, journeys often represent our journey through life – so making ready to travel in your dream can suggest you’re taking a new direction in your life, setting out on a new start.

The manner in which you’re packing may also be significant. For example, if you’re spending a lot of time in your dream considering where to pack your things, where they should go and in what order it could be that you need to carefully plan your next step in life.

However, if you find yourself flinging things into a suitcase with little care, throwing luggage hastily into a car, like you just want to get moving and it doesn’t really matter what you take with you, it could be suggesting that you should throw yourself at the new experiences in your life or the direction it’s taking, without worrying about the details.

Packing dreams can also represent a need for something new, where your subconscious is asking you to make a change in your life, try something new, be more adventurous or simply get the hell out of there. You should be able to tell which by the general mood of the dream. Also, it may just be a passing feeling, we all feel like we’re in a rut sometimes, but if the packing dream become a recurring event you should take it more seriously.

Finnally, you can discover clues about what baggage you should leave behind in your life from what you pack in your dream.

Oar Dreams

Oar DreamsGenerally, because we begin our lives immersed in water in the womb, when we dream of water and water-related objects it can represent our spirituality, our essence and soul – the root of our life and all life.

An oar in a dream can represent control and direction through the water, guiding our soul and steering our way along our spiritual course.

However, manipulating oars to row efficiently, in waking life, requires a certain amount of skill or proficiency, so this implement could represent difficulties in navigating our spirituality, especially if we’re handling oars clumsily and ineptly.

Of course, you may be masterfully controlling the oars in your dream, in which case it could be suggesting your current path in life is the right one to choose.

Still, it may be that you aren’t using the oar for its intended purpose, i.e rowing, but are wielding it like a weapon. This could represent a need to get control of your own destiny by grabbing the oar and taking control.

Nail Dreams

Nail dreamsDreaming about nails, both fingernails and those you bash into wood with a hammer, can represent connections, holding on and joining together.

This type of bonding often has a connection with relationships, especially emotional and sexual relationships. The metal hardware nail is connected with bonding things together strongly, pretty much permanantly, so dreaming about these types of nails can represent a stong relationship bond, or the wish for such a bond.

Because fingernails and toenails are on the end of our fingers and toes, dreaming of these types of nails can signify holding on, or wanting to hold on. If your nails are falling out it could be that you feel you are losing your grip on a relationship or situation, or it may reflect fears that you aren’t capable of hanging onto a situation or relationship.

If you are a Christian or religious you may dream of nails in crosses, which are connected with sacrifice. Again, part and parcel of being in a relationship – perhaps you’re sacrificing too much, or not willing to commit yourself?

Martyr Dreams

A dream that you are a martyr is often a warning that you are behaving like a martyr in real life, that is, you are turning yourself into a victim and doing things because you feel obligated to do them, not because you want to do them.

This dream is telling you to stop and think about what you want in life, and whether catering to others needs while ignoring your own will help you to achieve your goals.

Your dream could also be suggesting that you should find other ways to gain the approval and respect of others.

If you dream that someone else you know is a martyr, you may feel that they are acting like victims in order to gain sympathy.

A religious martyr in a dream can represent excessive, fanatical behavior. Perhaps you have noticed this behavior in yourself or in another person.

Swamp Dreams

Dreaming that you are walking though a swamp or a marsh indicates that you are having difficulty reaching a goal.  Such a dream can often mean that your emotions are holding you back. You may be feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions or a lack of confidence in your success.

A dream of struggling through a swamp can mean that you need to reach out to others for support. You may have lost your motivation and need a reminder of why you need to achieve our goal.

Sometimes, a swamp in a dream can represent ideas and memories that you have been repressing. A swamp can symbolize your anxieties and fears.

If you are walking through a swamp in a dream and an insect or other creature bites you on the leg, your dream could be telling you to pay attention to your instincts.

Falling in a swamp can be a sign that you are allowing yourself to become overcome by negative influences.

Wedding Dreams

Sometimes, a wedding in a dream can represent thoughts about your own future wedding, if you are not already married.

However, a wedding in a dream often represents the integration of different aspects of your personality. For example, it can signify the balancing of your rational and emotional sides.

Dreaming about a wedding can be a sign that there are parts of your personality that you need to develop more.  The person you are marrying can represent aspects of your personality that you have been neglecting.

If you dream that, you are marrying someone you know, consider whether they have positive qualities that you should develop in yourself.

A dream that you are marrying someone but cannot see their face can be a message that you need to learn to accept parts of your personality that you have been repressing.

Dreaming of being a guest at a wedding can be a sign that you want to spend more time around other people.

If you dream that you are late for your own wedding, you could be doing things that sabotage your relationships.

Market Dreams

A market in a dream can represent choices that you are faced with in real life.

Dreaming that you are in a large supermarket can be a sign that you have too many difficult choices to make and you are overwhelmed.

A dream that you are in an outdoor market can be a reminder that a situation you are in is not permanent.

Buying or selling something in a market in a dream can mean that you have to negotiate with someone.  It can be a message that you need to compromise.

Dreaming about a market can be a sign that you need to look at the financial side of things or that you need to be more practical.

Items that you purchase in the market can represent things for which you have an emotional need. If you buy food, it can mean that you feel emotionally undernourished.

Things that you sell can symbolize thoughts or memories you no longer want.

Horse Dreams

A horse in a dream often represents the dreamer’s emotional energy and emotional strength.  A lively horse can be a sign that the dreamer is feeling emotionally powerful, while a weak or injured  horse can mean that the dreamer is  under a great deal of a stress or  in a situation that is overpowering.

Traditionally, a white or pale horse signifies death or spirituality.

A winged horse in a dream can represent a need to move beyond mundane thoughts and think about abstract philosophical or spiritual matters.

If you dream that you are riding a horse, your journey can represent a journey through a new phase in your life.  Since a horse is an old-fashioned form of transportation, this dream can mean that things that you learned from your past can provide guidance for you in the future.

A wild horse in a dream can represent your Shadow, the part of your personality that you hide from yourself as well as from others.

Harnessing a  horse in a dream can represent a desire to control your impulses. It can also mean that you need to be more practical and focus on the here and now.

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